About Our Worship Service

Pittsburgh Upper Room Worship Service SacramentsAt Upper Room, we worship liturgically and relationally:

  • Liturgically: We worship using the same written prayers and music each Sunday for 4-6 weeks.
  • Relationally:¬†We worship in a relaxed setting in the round. We also include time for sharing celebrations and prayer requests and praying for one another.

Our worship is also an embodiment of our churches values:

Cross-cultural: We believe that throughout history and across the world, Christians have produced many vibrant expressions of worship. At the Upper Room, we seek to draw from as many of those expressions as possible. In a single worship service, you may find yourself singing an ancient hymn, clapping your hands to an upbeat spiritual or praise song, and singing in a language other than English.

Sacramental: We believe that Jesus communicates his love to us through visible and tangible signs. We celebrate communion every Sunday, and also take time to remember our baptisms.

Missional: We believe that our worship should ultimately send us back out into the world better equipped to serve Christ throughout the week. We value testimony and sharing in worship. Most services include a time for sharing prayer requests. Once a month, a member of the church shares how they serve Christ in the work that they do Monday through Friday and we pray for that person and others in their profession.