An Afternoon of Godly Play – April 16 – 2:30-4:30pm

By | April 13, 2016
An Afternoon of Godly Play
Saturday, April 16, 2:30 to 4:30 pm, FREE
Hosted by the Sloan Carlton family (email for address)
Godly Play practice teaches us to listen for God and to make authentic and creative responses to God’s call in our lives.
For me (Karen), Godly Play is my absolute favorite way to explore the bible and draw near to God’s Spirit. Rather than simply reading words on a page or listening to teaching from the bible, Godly Play’s visual and tactile elements, with its emphasis on space for genuine wondering, continue to open up ways of being with God that bring such depth to my Christian discipleship.
This afternoon is designed to have the feel of a mini spiritual retreat by following the rhythms of a typical complete Godly Play session. This includes: gathering/preparing for the session’s presentation, bible storytelling with 3D objects, a whole group conversation of wondering about the presented story, individual work time for further personal reflection with God – this may include journaling, drawing/coloring/painting, walking outdoors, and more – then regathering to share what arose during time alone with God, especially any prayer requests to briefly lift up together, eating some small bits of food together, thoughtfully closing with expressions of appreciation and blessing.
Through participating in an Afternoon of Godly Play, our hope is that the time will refresh and nurture all of you, mind, body, soul and spirit.  We are not clear what types ongoing Godly Play gatherings may form in the future.  For now we seek to offer occasional Godly Play experiences.  If there is interest, we will do more. Do let us know if you are curious about Godly Play!
Godly Play is a creative, imaginative approach to Christian formation and spiritual guidance.
Godly Play has a Montessori foundation with 40+ years of research and practice.
Godly Play values process, openness, discovery, community and relationships.
Godly Play models the worship life, stories, symbols and rituals of Christian congregations.
Godly Play allows practitioners to make relevant and personal theological meaning.
Godly Play nurtures participants to larger dimensions of belief and faith through wondering and play.