chURch News 12.7.14 – Stewardship Update / Science and Faith / Wholeness and Healing / Christmas Eve

By | December 7, 2014

Stewardship Update

Thank you to everyone who has made a pledge to tithe and/or give and pray in 2015! After one week in, we’re pleased to announce that so far we have received 6 commitments to pray regularly for Upper Room, and 12 financial pledges, representing a total financial commitment of $40,544. This is about 44% of our giving goal of  $92,000. We’re off to a great start! If you haven’t yet received a pledge card, you can find them at the church on Sunday. Completed pledge cards can be placed in the offering baskets during worship. Thank you all for participating in our common life of discipleship in this important way.

Science and Faith

THIS SUNDAY @ 7pm | Shadyside Presbyterian Church
The true light, which enlightens everyone, came into the world about 2000 years ago.  To prepare for the celebration of this arrival, Upper Room’s dear friend and financial secretary and Michael Lipshultz will present on science and faith using physics to help us understand this Jesus-as-light metaphor.

Longest Night: Advent Service of Wholeness and Healing

Sunday, 12/21 @ 7pm | 5828 Forward Ave.
Though Christmas is a joyous time of year, for many of us, it also brings an undercurrent of sadness for those of us dealing with grief, loss, loneliness, and other difficult places. Every year, around Christmas, we gather together to sit together in authenticity and in seeking hope and peace. This year, we’ll gather on 12/21, the longest night of the year, when darkness feels most prevalent. This special service of prayer will be an opportunity for us to lay our brokenness before God, seeking the healing and wholeness that is promised to us in Christ. Whether you feel a need to come laying your brokenness before God, or feel a calling to pray with and for others, we hope you’ll join us for this holy gathering.

Christmas Eve: Service of Lessons, Symbols and Carols

Wednesday 12/24 @ 5:30pm | 5828 Forward Ave.
This year on Christmas Eve, we’ll have a special worship service based on the King’s College Nine Lessons and Carols Service. The liturgy of this service includes Scripture and music that moves us from God’s promise in Genesis 3 that the “woman’s seed” will crush the head of the serpent, to the messianic prophecies of Isaiah, to the story of Christmas in Luke and Matthew, and finally the unfolding of the mystery of the incarnation in John 1. Our liturgy will move us on from the mystery of the incarnation to the mystery of the Eucharist, and will include visual symbols and art with each reading. We know that many of you leave town for Christmas, but if you are here, we hope you’ll join us in praising God for the gift of His Son, and sitting in awe at the mystery of God becoming flesh.