Serve International Students!

By | July 21, 2010

One of Upper Room’s favorite areas of outreach is the international student community.  Many of these students from across the world come to study at Pittsburgh’s universities and end up living in Squirrel Hill.  Many of these internationals arrive to unfurnished apartments, no car, and no knowledge of how to go about getting furniture. That on top of the culture-shock that comes from being in any new place can be very stressful. So this August, we’re seeking to bless them in the following ways through our partnerships with PRISM and with InterVarsity:

 1.) With InterVarsity, we’re looking for volunteers to provide international students a ride to Ikea or Target to do some shopping. In addition to providing a ride, you’ll also get to help them navigate the store and find what they need; many come from countries where “big box” stores don’t exist. If you’d like to help with this, contact Mike .

2.) With PRISM, we’re looking for donations of new or gently used furniture and household items for their annual “Garage Giveaway” on Saturday, August 21. Any donations can be brought to the Upper Room.  They are also in need of volunteers to help set up for the giveaway in the weekdays leading up to the 21st and to help transport furniture for students on the day of the giveaway. See the attached document for more information. Contact to volunteer or request more information.

3.) Also with PRISM, we are also looking for people to be ongoing Friendship Partners with an international student. You’ll be asked to pray for your friendship partner regularly, and try to meet with them at least monthly. If you’d like to help  with this, just contact Rachel.