True-self / False-self Photos

By | August 6, 2009

In Ephesians 4, Paul calls us to take off our “old self”, and put on our ”new self”.  This week we’ll introduce a creative prayer exercise to help us better understand what he means.  On Sunday the 16th and Sunday the 30th we’ll take pictures of our selves.  Our false-self and true-self, that is.  We’re borrowing the idea from Mark Scandrette, who gives a brief explanation and shares his own picture here.  Think about who your false self is, and come on the 16th ready to have your picture taken acting out that persona. To get started thinking about what a picture of your false-self would look like, ask yourself the following questions:
Who do you want to be perceived as?
What self image do you try to project (even if it’s not true)?
Who do you fear becoming?
Who would you be apart from Christ?
Who were you before you met Christ?
What does that “false-self” look like? 
How would you portray that person?
What props or items can you bring to depict your false self?